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People United - April 24, 2009

People United talks with University of Texas anthropologist Shannon Speed about her book Rights in Rebellion: Indigenous Struggle and Human Rights in Chiapas.

People United - October 30, 2009

People United features Code Pink co-founder Medea Benjamin, who, having returned from a delegation to Afghanistan, reports back on the US occupation there, particularly its impact on the country's women and girls.

People United - May 29, 2009

People United has an interview with Max Rameau of Take Back the Land about his organization's internationally known efforts in Miami to move homeless families into vacant and

People United - December 12, 2008

People United features journalists Robert Jensen and John Pilger on their profession, mainstream news coverage, and US foreign policy.

People United - March 20, 2009

People United talks with Graham Smith of Sun Dragon Martial Arts and Florinda Bryant of Theatre Action Project about conflict resolution, self-defense, and other life skills.

People United - October 23, 2009

People United features Omar Freilla, founder of Green Worker Cooperatives, an organization dedicated to developing worker-run cooperatives that promot

People United - October 16, 2009

People United talks about the health-care debate, swine-flu prevention, hospital workplace conditions, and whistleblower protection with members of the National Nurses Organizing Committee, including organizers Eliza Carboni and Paula Littles as well as registered nurses Gwen Agbatekwe, Charlene Basler, and K


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