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George Washington Carver / Juneteenth & much more!

'Not just a day..
and year round,
Service to community .'

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Join us for conversations with
Faith Weaver from the George Washington Carved Museum and cultural center join us to share some of the great things going on at the GWC and in the CommUnity.

Veterans & the Arts

Monday May 8
1:00 pm c
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Veterans & the Arts

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May 1st at 1:00 pm central 

Emily Bell on AUSTIN Artists at KOOP Radio

Join us today Monday April 17th at 1:00 pm
Following Calder Kamin

Emily Bell joins us..
We'll hear about her inspiration, gigs and of course we'll hear a couple songs from her latest creation...upcoming EP

Goddess of Destruction

is the first single from Emily Bell's upcoming KALI EP. KALI will be out on on April 21st, and
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Artist, Activist, Educator : Calder Kamin on Austin Artists

Monday, April 17th
1:00 pm c
Austin Artists
KOOP radio
( 91.7 FM / )

Monday April 17th at 1pm c
91.7 FM locally Worldwide

An Artist so bright, brilliant and resilient , she has her own Hue.

Artist, Activist Educator


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