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Show #615: Moe Howard, Mickey Katz, and Stan Laurel!

On June 16, we saluted several comedy greats on Adventures in Sound!

We heard records from bandleader & clarinetest Mickey Katz, and movie greats Moe Howard (The Three Stooges) and Stan Laurel (from Laurel and Hardy).

You can catch the show through the morning of June 30 here:

Show #614: Cole Porter

June 9 is the 127th birth anniversary of one of America's greatest songwriters, Cole Porter!

Tune in that day for vintage recordings from the 1920s & 30s of Porter classics (including several from people who INTRODUCED the songs on Broadway!)

Show #613: Post Punk from Postcard!

My apprentice, Melinda Belles, hosted the show on June 2.

On this episode, she featured lots of great post punk sounds (mainly from the short lived but revered label Postcard).

Lots of great sounds from bands such as Orange Juice!

You can listen to this show through the morning of June 16 here:

Show #612: New Zealand Rock!

My lovely apprentice, Melinda Belles, is programming the show on May 26!

Tune in to hear rock from New Zealnd (mainly from the 1980s & 1990s).  Lots of great music, including many bands featuring Chris Knox.

All of this from 1 to 2 p.m. (CST) on 91.7 FM (or koop.org).

Thank you for listening!

Show #611: Pete Townshend!

May 19 was Pete Townshend's birthday, and we celebrated it on Adventures in Sound!

The guitarist/primary songwriter/singer from The Who (also a writer and editor) turned 73 on this day, and is still going strong.

We played lots of records from The Who (most written by Townshend), including some rarities and BBC versions.

Show #610: Irving Berlin!

Tune in to Adventures in Sound as we celebrate Irving Berlin's birth anniversary!

Berlin, one of America's greatest songwriters, was born on May 11, 1888 in Russia; he died on September 22, 1989(!) in New York City.

Show #609: Blind Willie McTell!

Tune in May 5 on Adventures in Sound for a birthday celebration of one of the great blues artists!

Blind Willie McTell made dozens of records from the 1920s through 1950s (mostly recorded in his home base of Atlanta).  He sang and played 12 string guitar (not the easiest instrument!)

Show #607: Bayes & Hamp!

April 20 is the 110th birth anniversary of bandleader/vibraphonist/drummer Lionel Hampton.

We'll celebrate Hamp's birthday on April 21 with classic recordings with Benny Goodman, Louis Armstrong, Gene Krupa, Teddy Wilson, and many more!

Show #606: Vaudeville at the Ransom Center!

At the Harry Ransom Center, there's currently an exhibit on Vaudeville.

Handbills, posters, props, vintage recordings and film are all on display (it runs through July 15).

Show #605: King of Jazz & Tiny Tim!

Tune in April 7 on Adventures in Sound for a double salute!

We'll celebrate the recent DVD/Blu-Ray release of King of Jazz (1930). 


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