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Playlist for 6-12-19

George Melly, etc. - This Is the Right Spot - The 208 Rhythm Club, Vol. 3

Kenny Ball - Rondo - The Pye Jazz Anthology
Karl Denver - Indian Love Call - The Best of Karl Denver
Millicent Martin - Get Lost, My Love - 7"
Danny Williams - The Wild Wind - 7"

Stanley Black - West Side Story - Film Spectacular

Playlist for 6-5-19

Playlist for Season 4, Episode 23:

George Melly, etc. - This Is the Right Spot - The 208 Rhythm Club, Vol. 3

The Shadows - Atlantis - Complete Singles 1959-1980
The Tornados - The Ice Cream Man - Ridin' the Wind
Tony Sheridan & the Beatles - My Bonnie - John, Paul, George, Dave, Brian, Tony & More
Mark Wynter - Shy Gir - Go Away Little Girl

Chuck Berry's Delayed Influence in the UK

With the passing of rock 'n' roll legend Chuck Berry last week, every obituary noted his profound influence on the British beat bands, particularly the Beatles and Rolling Stones. But the question none of these retrospectives asks is, why did it take until 1963 for Berry's music to become a mainstay on the British scene? Berry broke into the U.S.

The Unswinging '60's

Another interesting article about the un-hip artists who occupied the British charts in the 1960s alongside "cooler" artists like the Beatles and the Rolling Stones:

The Unswinging Sixties

The Roots of British Blues

Here are a couple of interesting articles discussing the early influences on the development of British blues in the 1960s:

Muddy Waters' 1958 British Tour

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