Community Council

The Community Council is an elected council that is made up of KOOP programmers, volunteers and community members, mandated by the bylaws of KOOP Radio to advise the Board of Directors and support both community outreach and development of KOOP policies. Comprised of 16 members, two distinct groups elect 8 members each to the Council: 1) Individual/Business Supporter, Volunteer Members; and 2) Community Organization Members.

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Become a KOOP Community Organization Member

Why become a community organization member of KOOP Radio?

  1. Announcements about your organization’s meeting or event could be mentioned on KOOP radio. There is a Community Calendar segment on the Community Council’s weekly community outreach program. And other KOOP programmers may mention these as well, if relevant to their programming.
  2. Your organization could be featured on the Community Council’s radio program. This is an excellent opportunity to let listeners know more about your work and goals, and to get this message out to a wider audience.
  3. Last year, KOOP aired nearly 2,000 free public service announcements. Was your organization mentioned? Get involved with KOOP Community Radio!
  4. Should your organization become a member of the KOOP community (free), you will have a vote on issues that are decided by our membership. Your input is important to us!
  5. Your organization may become a member of the Community Council. There are eight seats reserved for community organizations; elections are held annually.

Community Council Mission Statement

The KOOP Community Council mission, in addition to our advisory capacity to the KOOP Board of Directors, and consistent with the KOOP mission statement, is to serve the underserved in the community and to provide outreach services to the community at large in order to connect the community with KOOP Radio. At the same time we are committed to providing an avenue for promoting a participatory, positive, healthy and professional work environment throughout the station, which should help KOOP become the premiere example of Community Radio in the nation.

Community Organizations may contact the Community Council ( to become a member - there is no cost.

Community Council Members


Pedro Gatos¹ CHAIR October 2020
April Sullivan2 VICE CHAIR October 2019
Gilka Cespedes¹   October 2019
 J. Brian Griffith¹ October 2019
Bob Dailey¹ October 2019
Susan Slattery¹ October 2020
Rod Moag¹ October 2020
Greg Ciotti¹ October 2020
Evan Hearn¹ SECRETARY October 2019
vacant² October 2020
vacant² October 2020
vacant² October 2020
vacant² October 2019
vacant² October 2019
vacant² October 2019

¹Representing Individual/Business Supporters and Volunteer Members

²Representing Community Organization Members

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2019 Historically Significant Cultural and Ethnic Celebration Events

As part of the Community Council's efforts to promote Cultural Sensitivity and Diversity on behalf of KOOP Radio throughout the KOOP community, the following Annual Monthly Celebration Calendar events is as follows. The list below includes the name of the liaison for responsible for organizing KOOP's participation in each event. You can contact them for more information using the Community Council email address.

  1. Martin Luther King Jr., January 21, 2019 (Roscoe Overton)
  2. Lunar New Year (aka Asian Lunar New Year, aka Chinese New Year) (first day of the first lunar month of  Lunar Calendar), February 5, 2019  (Greg Ciotti)
  3. World Radio Day, February 13, 2019 (Rod Moag)
  4. International Women’s Day, March 8, 2019 (Sandra Foreman)
  5. Earth Day, April 22, 2019 (Gilka Cespedes)
  6. May Day & Cinco de Mayo, May 5, 2019 (Brian Griffith)
  7. Juneteenth, June 19, 2019 (Sandra Foreman)
  8. Stonewall & LGBT Rights, June 28, 2019 (Bob Dailey)      
  9. Americans with Disabilities Act, July 26, 2019 (April Sullivan)                                                        2019 Special Recognition: Saint Oscar Romero - Giving Voice to the Voiceless ,  Aug. 15, 2019 (Pedro Gatos)
  10. Diez y Seis, September 16, 2019 (Susan Slattery) 
  11. Indigenous People's Day, October 14, 2019  (Greg Ciotti)                                                              2019 Special Recognition: Diwali, October 27-31, 2019  (Rod Moag)                                         2019 Special Recognition: International Migrants Day - honoring the benefits of immigration, December 18, 2019 (Brian Griffith)

Recognizing these events evidences our commitment to cultural sensitivity, diversity, and inclusion, as well promoting an appreciation of significant historical events and the local connections. 

Community Calendar

  • Calendar listings are a benefit of being a Organization Member. For details on how you can join as a member non-profit, please contact the Community Council or download the membership application above. It is free to join!
  • events may be categorized by color: Arts & Culture  Basic Human Needs / Education Services  Education  Health  Social Justice  Other

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