How to use the broadcast delay to dump non-FCC-compliant material

The delay unit is installed to ensure KOOP compliance with FCC regulations to aid programmers in ensuring that nothing goes out over the air that shouldn't. There is no reason to turn off the delay, but these instructions will tell you how to operate the delay, turning it on, off, and dumping material. If you have a call-in show, you MUST use the delay unit.

Dumping Material

This is easy (if the delay unit is on and activiated).

  1. Push the DUMP button. This is the big yellow button on the delay unit. This will dump the most recent 3 seconds of broadcast (the three seconds closest to the board, not the transmitter). You may push it again if you need to. This won't work, however, if the delay isn't started (and in the chain). The delay will automatically begin rebuilding to a full 8 seconds. Proceed with your show as if nothing happened. No silence will be broadcast, instead those last 3 seconds before you pressed the button will be "snipped" out of your show.
  2. Remove the Offending Source. If you are playing music, you may want to get something else ready in case it happens again. If it's a guest either in the studio or on the phone, you may want to turn off their microphone.
  3. Log It! You must document the issue and that you dumped the material in the log.

Starting the Delay

If the delay value is already more than 0.00 and the Bypass Button light is off, the delay is already on and in the chain.

  1. Make sure delay is at 0.00. The Delay value should be showing 0.00. If this isn't the case, DON'T touch the Bypass button or you will cause a glitch in your show. Instead press the Ramp to Zero button and wait for the delay value to go to 0.00.
  2. Unlight the Bypass Button . Make sure the bypass button is unlit to put the unit into the airchain (bypass lit means it's that the unit is bypassed and not used).
  3. Press the Rebuild Button. This will build the delay up to a total of 8 seconds. Continue your show as you normally would. Your listeners will not notice anything. The DUMP button will light when 4 seconds of delay has been built. You may not use the DUMP button until it lights up. If the DUMP button is not lit, then you will not be able to dump material. You may not want to have phone callers and un-prepped guests on air.

Stopping the Delay

If the Bypass Button is lit, then the delay is not started.

  1. Press the Ramp to Zero Button.
  2. Wait for Delay Value to Reach Zero. Wait until the delay value reads 0.00 before proceeding to the next step. If you don't there will be a noticeable sound jump to listeners.
  3. Light the Bypass Button. Make sure the bypass button is lit to take the unit out of the airchain (bypass unlit means that the unit is not bypassed and is thus in use).


NEVER, EVER touch the Bypass Button unless the delay value is at 0.00. Otherwise listeners will hear a noticeable sound jump as if you used the DUMP Button.

There likely few, if any, reasons to not use the delay. This is a high-end unit that passes all frequencies of human audible sound, up to 22kHz, which is the highest frequency a CD can reproduce (technically vinyl can go higher but no one but cats and dogs can hear it). Also, FM broadcasts only go as high as about 15KHz.

The board is always in "real time". The delay is added and removed by digitally stretching and shrinking - there is no pitch shifting. Programmers should NOT wait, broadcast silence or anything like that. Keep the program running normally throughout any of these processes.