How to use the EAS (Emergency Alert System)

EAS Test Instructions

You may be assigned to perform an EAS Required Weekly Test (RWT) during your show. Here's what to do:

1) Locate the Orange "SEND EAS RWT" button on the console. 

2) The EAS encoder/decoder is located after the profanity delay.  So bear in mind that the test will launch immediately.  The simplest technique is to issue the test in the middle of a song.  Continue broadcasting during the test as this will prevent awkward silence after the test is complete.

3) When ready, press the "SEND EAS RWT" button.

4) You should hear the studio monitors switch immediately to monitor the output of the EAS.  Again, remember that you are now monitoring audio that is post delay. 

5) You will hear 3 long bursts of static followed by a pause and then 3 short bursts.

6) Monitors will switch back to the studio immediately upon completion of the test.