KOOP Radio Job Opening: General Manager

KOOP Radio Job Opening: General Manager

Monday 1/1, 11:00am

General Manager

Organization: Texas Educational Community Broadcasting Corporation, DBA KOOP Radio 91.7
Posted by Katie Vitale - May 07, 2018
Posted in Nonprofit Job
Address: 3823 Airport Blvd Ste B, Austin, TX, 78722
Start Date: Aug 01, 2018
Application Due Date: Jun 29, 2018
Position Details:

KOOP Radio is the only cooperatively-structured, nonprofit radio station in the country. We're seeking a new General Manager (GM), like an Executive Director but for us. The GM maintains daily operations in accordance with KOOP’s objectives, policies and procedures. With the Development Coordinator the GM oversees fundraising plan with and fundraising aspects of the station. Position involves a focus on financial planning and administration as well as  reporting activities related to broadcasting and other regulatory compliance requirements. The General Manager oversees a small permanent staff and a larger number of volunteers. The GM works with staff members and KOOP's three elected bodies to engage the community of members, listeners, industry collaborators, and supporters.

The GM salary range is $45,000-$55,000 annually.

Primary Financial and Reporting duties:

  • Oversees management of financial health and maintenance of KOOP bank accounts. (related duties include but not limited to budget projections, forecasting, creating and analyzing P&Ls, meetings with accountant, reporting to Board and staff, etc)
  • Ensures annual accounting reviews and reporting are completed on time (990’s, annual accountant’s review and/or audit)
  • Works closely with development staff to set and achieve fundraising goals
  • Manages bill payments and bank deposits- evaluates bookkeeping operations, manages bookkeeper’s priorities, analyzes and recommends process improvement. Assigns bill payment to online banking and regularly takes deposits to the bank
  • Responsible for all music licensing requirements- including ASCAP, BMI, SESAC including reporting and payments are made as required
  • Ensures FCC requirements, reporting and paperwork is completed as required (bi-annual reporting, online Public Information Files (PIF), etc)
  • Executes payroll twice a month and completes new employee set up
  • Ensures insurance reviews are completed annually (December through February) and payment agreements negotiated in the best interest of the station (four different policies). There are follow up audits on some insurance policies
  • Prepares grant applications for the City of Austin and Texas Commission on the Arts. These require attendance at trainings, filing applications on time, follow up on budget adjustments once grant is allocated, and mandatory end of year reports. These are always a work in progress and are best if narratives have a new focus with some changes regularly
  • Work with Development Coordinator to research grants and fundraising opportunities
  • Conducts monthly station meetings and attends Board meetings, Programming, and Community Council meetings and attends KOOP events as often as possible
  • Coordinate with elected bodies and volunteer committees and teams on a regular basis
  • Delegates issues to appropriate committees, staff and Board members
  • Ensures technology and station equipment are in working order and orders equipment as needed. Reports technology issues to Tech Team and University of Texas as appropriate
  • Engages with new volunteers and promotes a united cooperative environment

The GM is responsible for the analysis and implementation of process improvement for work processes utilized by staff. The goal is to increase supportive outcomes of financial growth and organizational stability to KOOP radio.

  • Attends business related events, seminars, nonprofit events, and local business meetings in an effort to create more visibility for KOOP
  • Works in conjunction with sales team regarding business and underwriting strategies and benefits
  • Increase visibility and efficacy of mission through partnerships
  • Works with volunteers and staff to build partnerships with other media outlets and nonprofits

Preferred Skill sets:

  • Strong understanding of finances and budget planning
  • Analyzing and implementing process improvement
  • Exceptional Time Management skills
  • Experienced management of diverse groups, staff members
  • Understands safety, health, and legal risk reduction
  • Experience overseeing fundraising plans and working with private and institutional donors

KOOP is an Equal Opportunity Employer. We seek and celebrate diversity and are committed to creating an inclusive environment for all.

To Apply: Send email with cover letter in body, resume attached with subject line General Manager to BeGM@koop.org

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