Austin Artists: Getting Connected ! special

Austin Artists: Getting Connected ! special

Tune in to the Arts !

Art Smith

Artists, Creatives, Entrepreneurs, Artrepreneurs and more!

Join us for 
Austin Artists: Getting Connected special !

with guests:

~ Stephanie Bergara
Music Programs Coordinator
City of Austin Music and Entertainment Division

~ Carrie Brown
Project Manager
the City of Austin Art in Public Places program )

~ Calder Kamin 
Business Information Specialist
Economic Development Department Small Business Program ) 
& Fellow / Administrator / Facilitator at Artist Inc. Austin )

~ Ashland Viscosi
Creatives Meet Business )


Co-hosted by 'Art Smith', April and Undercover Greg,
We hear insights into the Arts and Music in Austin and
what these departments and organizations do in supporting the creative culture in Austin and more ! 

We'll hear about the upcoming event Getting Connected )

Tune in 
1:00 pm central
91.7 FM Locally / Worldwide

( Solar~Powered! )
Radio for the People! 


Excerpt; Getting Connected:
Who should attend? 
Aspiring Entrepreneurs and Existing Small Business Owners 
We’re bringing in content experts to share the latest small business trends. Choose from helpful classes and panel discussions in areas specific to your needs. Gain knowledge that can help you get started and grow a business.

Artists, Musicians and Creatives
You're a business too! Join in, we have classes, panel discussions, and mentoring specifically for you. Training and education for the creative community is an enhancement of this year’s event. ...