Austin Mayor Steve Adler joins us at KOOP

Austin Mayor Steve Adler joins us at KOOP

'Austin Artists' & ' Reflections of Community Outreach '

Art Smith



Monday March 27th

1:00 pm central 

91.7 FM Locally Worldwide 

Austin Artists 

Join us as we welcome back

Austin Mayor Steve Adler 

We will catch up on the

Austin Music and Creative Ecosystem omnibus resolution, the state of the City, current affairs in the Creatve capacity, the Arts & Music commissions joint meeting , the Arts and Music environment in Austin, challenges, progress, plans and more.

For our ongoing #AustinAbility series where we hear from City information experts, Organizations and Community leaders about some of the issues that affect Austin.

Then on Reflections of Community Outreach 

We'll hear about Code NEXT, zoning, affordability, mobility and more !

We welcome your suggestions and questions.



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