Ramp up the Vote !

Ramp up the Vote !

Mid~Term Voter registration Art party !

Art Smith

Monday October 16th

at 1:00 Pm central

Tune to Austin Artists


KOOP Radio

91.7 FM Locally

KOOP.org Worldwide


We'll be joined by folks from

ADAPT of TEXAS [ http://ADAPTofTexas.org/ ]


TILT Performance Group [ https://www.tiltperformance.org/ ]

We'll catch up with April Sullivan & VSA Texas and hear from guest Artist, Musicians too! (tba)



Mid~Term Elections are as important then Presidential Elections !

The 2018 Mid~Term elections can have a great mpact on policy and affecting the future, many say.



We will hear about what's at stake, what challenges and threats are facing the folks with disabilities and what can be done to affect positive change.

We'll have a fun time too hearing from Local Musicians and Artists and hear about their upcoming events.



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