Red, White & Blues !

Red, White & Blues !

Happy Birthday America & Miss Lavelle White !

Art Smith


Austin Artists
' Red, White & Blues !'
Monday July 3rd at 1:00 pm c
91.7 FM Locally Worldwide
the Queen of Soul & Blues
We'll hear some of Miss Lavelle's songs from the 50's to today !
and she has a new Album release, a compilation of some of her great songs! We'll hear a couple.
and we're makin plans to attend the Antone's 42nd Anniversary: Miss Lavelle's 88th Birthday with Lazy Lester, Bobby Patterson, Benny Turner, Deacon Jones (Her Blues Birthday parties are epic ! )
Happy Anniversary Antone's !
also don't forget to start your Sundays right from 9-10 am
in A Blues Groove with the might~rightous Ted Branson and friends.
Tune in
Blue Monday Special
Solar Powered
Radio for the People!
...not profit.
( on a separate but related note;
Blues Smith is also getting the gears turnin' to possible have Miss Lavelle as our headliner for KOOP's B'day blues bash! ( that is if she is available, she's a busy Woman with a lot goin' on ya know; we can't keep up with her.. )
Have a Happy , safe Fourth!

'Happy Birthday' Jimi Hendrix [ LIVE ]

'Oh Happy Day' Miss Lavelle White  [ Into the Mystic]

' Love in Return' Miss Lavelle White [Into the Mystic]

'Go to the Mirror' Miss Lavelle White [ Into the Mystic ]
 'Into the Mystic' Miss Lavelle White [ Into the Mystic]

Antones Records Miss Lavelle White

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