Rev Up the Vote !

Rev Up the Vote !

Register Educate VOTE! Use your Power !

Art Smith






an Immense Thank You ! to all our guests today on our 
ADA Anniversary /
2018 Mid~term election special !

Mark Cundell with ADAPT of Texas
shared some of the news, resources, issues and upcoming events :
~ REV UP Disability Voter Registration

~ National Disability Voter Registration Week

~ Texas Disability Issues Forum

Then we heard from James Burnside Board Member, Artist, who works with ScriptWorksand Tilt Performance group, (and an US Military Veteran with a disability who works with The Warrior Chorus. We're having him back in September with Artists for our next Veterans and the Arts special !)

Artists, Writers, Actors and TILT Performance Group members:
Tobias al Trabulsi
Kristen Gooch 
talked a bit about their Art, projects and experiences. We've had the pleasure to attended a few of their Theatre events and were really moved by the creative and emotive experience.

We wanted to hear more, so they may be joining us again next week on the show. We will also hear Music from our colleague and #1 fan of The Beatles 'The Great Brandoni !' Did you know that he started a Band, writes songs and Music and plays gigs regularly in Texas? (We just found out today !) 
The Eddie Ray Band How Cool is that?

We'll hear more next week 7/16 as our ADA Anniversary + Local Art extravaganza continues....

on 7/16 We'll also be joined by Singer, Songwriter, Musician:
Austin Word Woman
Kate Howard 
( who will also be joining Rush K Evans III and Brandoni on the show ' Off the Beatle Path' (12:00-1:00 PM ) KOOP Radio

Art Smith spoke about Person First / Artist First philosophy and creating a 'Diverse~Ability' rider; like the #InclusionRider, but proactively asking that people with disabilities/diversabilities be included as a regular part of everything, in an ongoing basis. (#DiverseAbilityRider )

Feel free to connect!

Tune in to Tons of Art, Music & CommUnity !
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