People United - June 28, 2019

People United - June 28, 2019

A Rally about Stonewall


People United presents coverage of Austin Pride's 9th annual Stonewall celebration, this time in honor of the 50th anniversary of the historic uprising, featuring Micah Andress and Michelle Auwae-Lapilio of Austin Pride; Kelly Klein, Miss Austin Pride 2018; and a multigenerational panel of LGBTQ activists, moderated by Juan Rodriguez of KVUE News, and also including Juan Benitez, Charles Curry, Sheldon Darnell, Toby Johnson, Nico Ramsey, Jessica Soukup, Ash West, Sissi Yado, and KOOP Radio's own Suzy Shelor.

Listen to an archive of this program here.

They spoke at the Texas Capitol here in Austin on June 12, 2019.