People United - March 15, 2019

People United - March 15, 2019

Remembering Leslie, Queen of Austin


People United remembers Leslie Cochran (1951-2012), the subject of the 2019 documentary Becoming Leslie that had its world premiere at SXSW, with coverage of a plaque being unveiled at the Nook in downtown Austin on what would have been his sixty-fourth birthday in 2015, Abigail Mahnke's 2007 interview with the late crossdressing street icon, and a conversation with Debbie Russell, a surviving friend as well as the Executive Director of the Pecan Street Association.

Listen to an archive of this program here.

Debbie Russell, Shannon Sedwick, Lynn Raridon, Brian Joseph, Steve Busti, Valerie Romness, Stephen Condon, and J. D. Dunn all spoke at the Nook on June 24, 2015.  Abigail Mahnke and Leslie Cochran spoke at the radio station on February 21, 2007.  Debbie Russell spoke at the radio station on June 27, 2015.