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Dear friends,

Your humble host Slappy Pinchbottom here, begging your sweet indulgence as you allow your earwaves to be weekly tainted with my various and sundry Odd Preoccupations. During our excruciatingly pleasurable but all-too-brief 90 minutes together, we shall generally focus upon spoken word performances of all kinds, including (but not limited to) hip hop, audio documentary, radio theater, poetry (slam & otherwise), improv comedy, storytelling, & surreal verbal experimentation. Techniques of cut-up, audio collage and avant-garde composition may be employed, so take all necessary precautions. Update all information and pod into cosmos.

Live spoken word performance will occur on the show as often as I can rope unwitting dupes into my twisted schemes; if you are a performer of spoken word material and would like to become one of the dupes in question, please to be emailing me at You too can be a RADIO STAR.

NEW! Bloglike accounts of recent episodes, along with audio archives and Slappycast of same, may be found by "pointing your browser" (as they say) Try not to point it too HARD, now. At least at first.

EVEN NEWER!!!! We are now airing an ongoing radio adventure serial called Moon Over Morocco, every Sunday at around the top of the 5 o'clock hour. And that's immediately followed by Slappy's Science Corner at around 5:15, each week bringing you new insights from the oddest ends of the scientific community. Put something in your BRAIN for a change!


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