Playlist 11-19-19 Under the X in Texas w/ Graham Reynolds guest

Playlist 11-19-19 Under the X in Texas w/ Graham Reynolds guest


<p>Playlist 11-19-19 Under the X in Texas-Host Ted Branson Tuesday's 9-11am KOOP 91.7FM <p>

<p>In studio guest Composer, bandleader , musician Graham Reynolds before his cd release and performance with 14 piece band Marfa: A Country & Western Big Band Suite at The Highball Saturday<p>

<p>Birthday Honorees: Ramona Reed (Blair) , Jerry Case , Doye O'Dell , Little Joe Carson , Johnny Degollado , Johnny Hernandez, Tommy Allsup, Jim Loessberg, Ernie Caceres <p>

<p>Remembering Doug Sahm RIP 11-18-1999 Taos New Mexico @ 58 years young<p>

#,Artist,Song,Album,Record Label,Show Date,Time Played

1,Johnny Gimble,Under the X in Texas,"Johnny Gimble & Texas Swing Under the ""X"" in Texas",Tejas,2019-11-19,9:03AM
2,Bob Wills and Ramona Reed,"Little Girl , Little Girl",Bob Wills and His Texas Playboys Faded Love 1947-1973 Vol 2,Bear Family,2019-11-19,9:08AM
3,Bob Wills and Ramona Reed,I'm Tired of Livin' A Lie,BOB WILLS AND HIS TEXAS PLAYBOYS FADED LOVE 1947-1973 VOL 2,Bear Family,2019-11-19,9:10AM
4,Ramona Reed,Don't Send Him Back To Me,BOB WILLS AND HIS TEXAS PLAYBOYS FADED LOVE 1947-1973 VOL 10,Bear Family,2019-11-19,9:13AM
5,Doye O'Dell,Diesel Smoke,Country & Western Hit Parade 1952,Bear Family,2019-11-19,9:19AM
6,Claude Gray,How Fast Them Trucks Can Go,Truckin' On,Starday,2019-11-19,9:23AM
7,"Joe Carson Tommy Allsup , Ralph Mooney",Passion and Pride,Joe Carson Hillbilly Band From Mars,Bear Family,2019-11-19,9:28AM
8,Joe Carson,Time Lock,HILLBILLY BAND FROM MARS,Bear Family,2019-11-19,9:31AM
9,Tommy Allsup,You Belong To Me,Brady Bowen In My Spare Time Vol 5,,2019-11-19,9:33AM
10,Tommy Allsup,Raining In My Heart,BRADY BOWEN IN MY SPARE TIME VOL 5,,2019-11-19,9:38AM
11,Jim Loessberg,Slow Boat To China,"Be-Bop, Etc.",StarTex,2019-11-19,9:44AM
12,Ernie & Emilio Caceres,Jig In G,Ernie & Emilio Caceres,Audiophile,2019-11-19,9:48AM
13,Jerry Case Trio,Ain't Misbehavin',Personality,JNJC,2019-11-19,9:51AM
14,Johnny Degollado Y Su Conjunto,Carretera 35,Carretera 35,Toby's CRS,2019-11-19,9:57AM
15,Graham Reynolds,"Good Morning, Marfa",Marfa A Country & Western Big Band Suite,Golden Hornet,2019-11-19,10:08AM
16,Graham Reynolds,Union Pacific,MARFA A COUNTRY & WESTERN BIG BAND SUITE,Golden Hornet,2019-11-19,10:10AM
17,Graham Reynolds,Highway 67,MARFA A COUNTRY & WESTERN BIG BAND SUITE,Golden Hornet,2019-11-19,10:18AM
18,Weldon Henson,Empty Glass,Texas Made Honky Tonk,Hillbilly Renegade,2019-11-19,10:27AM
19,"Little Joe , Johnny Hernandez & Benny w/ Bert Rivera & The Nightriders",Am I That Easy To Forget,Que Suave Loco!,BSR,2019-11-19,10:30AM
20,Redd Volkaert,Back To Back,For the Ladies,Hightone,2019-11-19,10:35AM
21,Texas Tornados w/ Westside Horns & Joe King Carrasco & Oscar Tellez,Tell Me,Texas Tornados 4 Aces,Reprise,2019-11-19,10:38AM
22,Joe King Carrasco,I'm A Fool To Care,Joe King Carrasco and El Molino,Tornado,2019-11-19,10:44AM
23,Shelley King,Kick Up Your Heels,Kick Up Your Heels,Lemonade,2019-11-19,10:46AM
24,The Sir Douglas Band  ,Nitty Gritty, Texas Tornado,Atlantic,2019-11-19,10:51AM
25,Doug Sahm,Beautiful Texas Sunshine,The Return of Wayne Douglas,Tornado,2019-11-19,10:54AM