Playlist 11-26-19 Under the X in Texas

Playlist 11-26-19 Under the X in Texas


<p>Playlist 11-26-19 Under the X in Texas-Host Ted Branson Tuesday's 9-11am KOOP 91.7FM<p>

<p>Birthday Honorees: Fred Papa Calhoun , Cecil Brower , Bob Livingston , Don Richmond , Chuck Morpurgo , Dylan Cavaliere , Guy Forsyth, Bradley Stivers<p>

<p>Tiffany Transcription Time<p>

<p>2020 Ameripolitan Nominees and Grammy Nominees featured<p>

#,Artist,Song,Album,Record Label,Show Date,Time Played

1,Red Steagall,Under the X in Texas,Lone Star Beer and Bob Wills Music,KOCH,2019-11-26,9:03AM
2,Bob Wills and His Texas Playboys,Never No More Hard Times Blues,The Tiffany Transcriptions Vol 6,Collector's Choice,2019-11-26,9:06AM
3,Bob Wills and His Texas Playboys,Oh Monah,THE TIFFANY TRANSCRIPTIONS VOL 6,Collector's Choice,2019-11-26,9:11AM
4,Milton Brown & His Musical Brownies,Taking Off,Bob Dunn Master of the Electric Steel Guitar 1935-1950,Jazz Origin Library,2019-11-26,9:16AM
5,Milton Brown & His Musical Brownies,I Love You,BOB DUNN MASTER OF THE ELECTRIC STEEL GUITAR 1935-1950,Jazz Origin Library,2019-11-26,9:21AM
6,Willie Nelson,Stay Away From Lonely Places,Ride Me Back Home,Legacy,2019-11-26,9:26AM
7,Delbert McClinton,No Chicken On The Bone,"Delbert McClinton and Self Made Men + Dana Tall , Dark & Handsome",Hot Shot Thirty Tigers,2019-11-26,9:31AM
8,Dallas Moore,Lodi,Tryin' To Be A Blessing,SOL,2019-11-26,9:34AM
9,Brad Stivers & Emily Gimble,Here We Go Again,Brad Stivers Took You Long Enough,Vizztone,2019-11-26,9:37AM
10,Rosie Flores,Love Don't Love Nobody,A Simple Case of the Blues,,2019-11-26,9:40AM
11,Guy Forsyth feat Kevin Smith & Stan Smith,Mysterious John intro-If I Had Possession Over Judgement Day,Asylum Street Spankers Spanks For The Memories,Watermelon,2019-11-26,9:46AM
12,Tuba Skinny,Crow Jane,Rag Band,,2019-11-26,9:53AM
13,Jolie Goodnight,Southbound,Jolie and the Jackalopes,,2019-11-26,10:01AM
14,Kathy Murray  ,I Got This,Kathy and the Kilowatts Premonition of Love,NOLA Blue,2019-11-26,10:05AM
15,The Lost Austin Band,Bob Livingston intro-Cosmic Cowboy,Live!,Gambini Global,2019-11-26,10:11AM
16,Bob Livingston ,Public Domain,Up The Flatland Stairs,Howlin' Dog,2019-11-26,10:17AM
17,Bill Hearne & Michael Hearne,Talkin' Texan,The Hearne Family Album,Howlin' Dog,2019-11-26,10:21AM
18,Bob Livingston,The Early Days,UP THE FLATLAND STAIRS,Howlin' Dog,2019-11-26,10:27AM
19,Monte Good & Jenee Fleenor,The Right Combination,Monte Good A Texas Honky Tonk,,2019-11-26,10:33AM
20,Ags Connolly,What Were You Gonna Do About It,Wrong Again,Finstock,2019-11-26,10:36AM
21,Charley Crockett,The Valley,Charley Crockett The Valley,Thirty Tigers-Son of Davy,2019-11-26,10:40AM
22,Shelley King,Blues So Bad,Kick Up Your Heels,Lemonade,2019-11-26,10:44AM
23,Hacienda Brothers,I'd Still Be There,Western Soul,Lux,2019-11-26,10:48AM
24,Laura Palmer,Brassy Brown,Screamin' Rebel Angels Heel Grinder,Hey-Lo,2019-11-26,10:52AM
25,Sean Mencher,Buckaroo,Plays Guitar,Swelltune,2019-11-26,10:55AM